As you likely know I have been working on automating my long term SP500 investing strategy which I call AlgoTrades. I would like to mention that we are taking on new clients to our AlgoTrades automated investing system.

We are very excited to tell you that the doors are currently open for you to become a part of this new way of investing.

To ensure peak performance from our automated trading system and trading results for our clients. We have a limited number of seats available to ensure this. As with any good system, once there are too many clients the profitable edge in the market will no longer exist. As we are trading the system with our own investment capital, we are going to monitor and protect our system.

This system is very exclusive as it can only handle a limited group of clients. Be sure to join today, before we are over subscribed. Reserve your seat to have our system trading a portion of your investment capital.





Chris Vermeulen
Founder of AlgoTrades Systems 

It sure has been an exciting few days to see my book do so well and to see my first 1000 copies of the paperback with the special offer in the book at Amazon be almost sold out. It looks like only 73 books left and I expect them to be gone today or tomorrow once all 25,000 readers and followers get this email and to good to refuse offer.


If you have already purchased my book I would like to Thank You for your support and congratulate you on getting the free lifetime membership to my new investing newsletter as the free bonus gift which expires Jan 1st or when the book on Amazon sells out. Which ever comes first. To order the book go here.


Anyway, the main point of this email is to update you with some information and feedback from the book to be sure you and I are on the same page.


One person is upset about the book and I want to share it with you along with my response as you may be feeling the same way or have the same question.


They sent me this email:

“Hi Chris,

I read through your book quickly, and about to read through it again… It was a good read… but I was a little disappointed on lack of examples of putting your teaching into practice – and hope that you can point me to some more information on your website.

Can you point me toward more training videos or other information for a beginner? I have a bit saved up, and need to start investing… previous attempts really have been glorified gambling… a point you made well in your book… that hit home. “




My email to them:


“Thank you for your support on the book and recent subscription. Let me clarify things for you.

The free lifetime membership to my new investing newsletter is going to do everything I talked about in the book for you based on the SP500 so your big money (retirement nest egg) can be on the right side of the market more times than not and make money during bear markets. 

It will be educational and the real-life examples I think is what you are saying you would have liked to see more of. So you will get this information each month once the first issue is published in a week or two, and you will continue to get it every month.

On a side note, we are just working on a solution for everyone to have access to the custom indicators and tools available online so you will not be required to use any specific trading platform. This is going to be a month or two still but it will be awesome!

Thank you for your feedback it is greatly appreciated and I hope this helps?”




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Stan recently bought and read my book and during this process he sent me a few emails. If you do not know Stan, he is a well respected stock, etf and futures trader with a solid following of his own so I am very please that he purchased my book and had such great feedback!


Here are the email comments I received from Stan during the days he read the book:

Email #1

“You will find yourself in this book. Everyone will find something that adds insight to their trading skills. This plucks the heartstrings of everyone who has ever traded.”

Stan Tamulevich


Email #2

“It’s a book that you scan the first time, and dig into on the re-read.

It’s much deeper and thought provoking than a how to book. 

Requires sitting down and taking some time to let it all sink in. Not a jump up and take action thing, but an evolving experience. Sort of a “go to” book that one should reference again and again…..”

Stan Tamulevich


Email #3

“The more I think about it, the more I realize that it’s all the essential stuff that one has to formulate and put together early in the game as well as review periodically.

I don’t know of any successful trader that is not well organized with a defined plan with notes. Always looking inward to define what constitutes their winning edge and game plan.”

Stan Tamulevich – Marketline Advisory Services


How to Get Your Free Lifetime Subscription

My new book “Technical Trading Mastery – 7 Steps To Win With Logic” is now available for you on my website Order Digital Version Here. In two months the paperback will be on Pre-Order on Amazon.


I am going to tell you about something really special. But first let me tell you about the book itself.


I have been planning to writing an investment/trading book for you for years and believe you will be really happy with it once you get it. Unlike most trading books that are like big encyclopedias full of the same concepts explained in a different way, my book is going to show you a new way to analyze the markets to find low risk trading and investing opportunities. My new style of analysis I call INNER-Market Analysis along with what has actually worked for me over the years are covered in detail.


You will find my process of knowing what to trade, my specific indicators and strategies in the book to be simple, unique, and exciting. Its everything I have used to manage my money and navigate big swings in the market with great success.


This is really logical way of trading not only makes sense but you can implement some of it to your trading literally overnight.


I wrote the book for you to be able to read it in two or three sittings and I share with you my story of becoming a trader which I’ve never shared before. I think that you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it for you. 

To order the book go here.

7 Steps To Win With Logic

Chris Vermeulen

Simple automatic investing that makes you money is something we all dream about. Lets face it, who would not want to be making money without having to do anything?

The crazy thing is that this type of thing already exists and it’s the reason why algorithmic trading systems are becoming more popular with individuals. With more online algorithmic building services popping up each year they are making it easier for individuals to build their own simple automatic trading systems.

In Part I and Part II of this series of how I got started in systems trading and how I built a simple automatic trading system for trading my own capital which now going to be available to you (a select group of my followers) I want to continue this serious talking about how we as humans are the root of most of our bad trading habits and problems.

Understanding how and why a system is trading is important for you as it provides comfort in knowing the system complies with your line of thinking and marks logical sense in your head also.

Through my simple automatic trading system which is complete with order execution, you can free yourself from the painful grind of staring at a computer screen and struggling with yourself to follow system rules and execute trades according to plan. Do not get me wrong, the creator of the automatic trading system must always be monitoring the system, maintaining and updating the code when required. But end users of this simple automatic trading strategy can simply set-up their trading account, link it with the automated trading system and walk away without ever having to learn or do anything else.

How My Simple Automatic Trading System Works

Keeping things short and to the point, my system is based around the S&P 500 index. You can opt to trade either the 3x leveraged ETFs (UPRO & SPXU) or trade the original automated trading strategy using the ES mini futures contract.

Both trade virtually the same but can vary at times. Because ETF’s have the tendency to fluctuate a little more than the underlying index. It can lead to an extra trade or missed opportunity from time to time. The real difference is in the performance. The ETF’s use 3x leverage while the futures contracts are using more likes 10x leverage. You definitely get a better bang for your buck with futures, but it cuts both ways…

Why Automatic Trading and Why Trade the S&P 500 Index?

Automatic trading may sound risky and crazy and it can be depending on how active the system is, the creator, the programmers experience and what platform the system is run on (server, charting program etc..) but in reality it’s just a set of trading rules which you create, test, approve and trade via computer.

If you have common sense, a solid logical strategy, and a top notch programmer you should eventually be able to create your own profitable automatic investing system. Also if you trade more than one investment then you know how easy it is miss a trade because you were watching another chart or responding to emails or living life… Well automated trading systems make it so you do not miss another trade again.

The S&P 500 index I think carries the least amount of volatility and is diversified with the top 500 global corporations. Also it is the most liquid investing vehicle available for the stock market which keeps slippage to a minimum for optimum order fills.

Simple Automatic Trading – It Takes Money to Make Money – Ante Up!

We all know the saying “It Takes Money To Make Money” and it could not be more true. Unfortunately most traders fall victim to all the false advertising in this industry thinking they can make $87,523 in one trade with only $5,000 etc… marketing tactics…

There are several things an individual must have in place to make money in the market and a properly funded trading account with enough money to properly manage positions is one of the most important things. But again most people are trading with accounts of $500 – $10,000 in size which is not enough to make any real money. Sure it’s fun trading and dabble with a little money, but do not expect make much.

Automatic Trading Formulas

The financial markets are a numbers game in almost every way, shape and form. If you truly understand how the market moves, probabilities and percentages then you know the more money you have the more likely you are to succeed with a winning strategy. Even if one is given a winning strategy but their account is underfunded that individual will struggle to make money.

There are fixed fees with trading and just to overcome them with profits requires more capital than $10,000 in most cases.

The general rule I think is to trade with a minimum of $35,000 which is just enough for you to trade a position size that can generate gains while allowing you to scale in and out of the market at key turning points.

Knowing how much money is required to trade and manage my ETF and futures automatic trading system is important and I will show you some conservative numbers of what to expect each month on average in the another report later this month.

Make $1,000 to $2400 Each Month with a Simple Automatic Trading System

Since creation of the strategy in March 2007 when I started tracking and trading this strategy (now my automated trading system) it has posted some very exciting returns. It shows to be averaging $2400 a month and this is trading only a $35,000 account and never trading more than $15,000 per trade (3 emini contracts). The results have been truly amazing!

Automated investing system

Money buys you time – and time translates to the freedom
to pursue happiness and personal growth, the freedom to
help others, and do whatever you want.


Simply put, I offer a simple automatic trading solution that has your best interest in mind. To try and making as much money as possible through my algorithmic trading system while also controlling downside risk. The most exciting part is that it’s automatically traded within your brokerage account making it a true hands free trading experience.


Learn About AlgoTrades & Get Free Monthly Investor Reports

Click to Learn More: Simple Automatic Trading

Chris Vermeulen

My last post I talked about how “The Market You Trade Is Not Random which is what originally got me interested in trading. Let me continue with this series of how algo trading turned into my dream job and income stream.

In part one of “How Algo Trading became My Focus, Passion and Income” you saw how my 15+ years of trading evolved from trading only, to teaching and coaching others, and then writing financial newsletters to provide thousands of followers with video analysis, trading tips, and the occasional trade idea.

During that time it became clear that teaching and providing the masses with trading strategies that would provide a consistent stream of income year after year was much harder than I expected because of the way humans function as explained in part 1 of this report.

Seven years ago in 2006 is when I caught the algo trading bug. It was the day I saw an interview on CNBC about a trader who converted each strategy he had into algorithms and had incorporated each one into a powerful algo trading system. It was this hands free trading idea I was sold and set out to convert my trading strategies into an algo trading system of my own.

Having an algo system that trades and profits in up and down market conditions without having to look at the charts or pull the trigger on entering and exiting setups sounded so good I was determined to build my own.

Within a couple of hours of Googling the terms automatic investing, algorithmic trading, and algo trading type search results I had answers to my list of basic questions. Once I knew what trading platform I should use, some basic guidelines on what to look for in a trading programmer, and the main do’s and don’ts about algo trading I was ready to start calling my list of programmers. By the end of that day I had myself a programmer ready to start my project and I was fired up!

12 Algo Trading Strategies in One Automatic investing System for Individuals

Automatic Algo Trading System Screen ShotFast forwarding to today, hundreds of version of each of my algorithms, and 4 programmers later I now have my own automatic investing algo trading system that naturally expands and contracts with the stock market using cycle analysis, volatility, trends, price patterns, volume and sentiment to invest in the S&P 500 index.

This all-in-one system has 12 of my best trade setups and strategies for the S&P500 index. No matter the market direction (up, down, or sideways) and no matter how volatile or lack of volatility it has there is an algorithm strategy taking advantage of the stock markets price fluctuations because we specialize (live and breathe) to make money from this highly liquid index..

Do not diversify. Specialize.

“Diversification is a protection against ignorance.
It makes very little sense to those who know what they are doing”.
Warren Buffet

Know that the number #1 problem investors struggle with is themselves because of the emotions, lack of focus, and lack of commitment us as humans have. And no matter how hard you try to make you’re trading rules simple to follow and execute you will always stray from what you should be doing from time to time.

Your will typically break your rules during a losing streak or highly emotional time in the market when it’s either overbought or oversold and you do not think your systems next trade will be a winner. Because you fall off the wagon at these critical points which happen to be the most important times for your system to make money in most cased you sabotage yourself and watch missed opportunities pass you by and you investing performance drop dramatically.

In the next part, you will learn about some really cook stuff and just how to take advantage of algo trading systems and how much money you can make on a monthly and yearly basis with zero investing/trading input.

Learn About AlgoTrades & Get Free Monthly Investor Reports

Stay Tuned For Part III – How You Can Make Money With Algo Trading …

Chris Vermeulen

When it comes to becoming a successful investor or your, automated trading system development process for that matter, there are some big picture things that you must have figured out. Here are some tips that will help you get started in becoming a long term consistent and profitable trader, investor or automated trading system developer.

Having A Master Plan

I’m not talking about a detailed trading plan, but a plan on what strategy or automated system you want to develop over the next 3-6 months. For example, you might have a goal to develop two trading strategies over the next 6 months. One strategy for uptrends and the other for downtrends.

Making money in both market conditions is crucial for long term success and these two strategies you should be focus. All your strategy development should be focused on reaching these two primary goals.

This master plan does not necessarily need to be detailed. It is simply your reminder to keep you focused and on the right path. You should probably review your master plan on a weekly bases. For more information on why having a master plan and treating trading as a business is important see Brian’s course which I took myself also… Trading As Your Business. 

The Trading System Development Step-By-Step Process 

If you’re like most people you are developing your trading strategies and automated trading systems without following a well-defined process and understand the steps and order things need to be executed for trading system mastery. If this is you, then you need to focus and figure this process out before doing anything else. You are probably missing trading opportunities, wasting time and spinning your wheels wondering why you are not seeing progress. I’m going to give you a recommendation that can really boost your effectiveness as a strategy or automated system developer.

tradingsystemdevelopmentYou must create a process on how you build and test your trading strategy. Your system development process should explain how to test and what to test. It should describe the order and flow of your development process along with check-lists on what types of orders should be used for stops, targets and exits.

Using a documented system development process will provide structure and discipline so you can get your trading system built, tested and making your money in a much shorter period with less frustration.

In short, it will do wonders for your system development process. “Trading System Mastery – by Brian McAboy” is a fantastic starting point on building your own trading strategies and automated trading systems. I took his course a few years ago to help refine my trading goals, rules, and automated trading system blue prints for my programmers. Brian and I now talk weekly and are good friends.

I’m also working on explaining this development process in more detail. When I finish I will send you an update.

Don’t Get Distracted, Have Laser Beam Focus

Distractions and procrastination is a big problem for many of us. We get distracted from what we are doing very easily. Anytime you find yourself starting to wander from your task of building, testing and running your first system, ask yourself if what you are doing is getting you closer to your goal.

Don’t start chasing every new trading idea, concept or indicator you read about, I know… It’s easy to do and exciting but DON’T! Do what I do, make a detailed note with all the thoughts you have on that idea so you know that when you finish with your first system, you can go back, review your notes and look deeper into that idea you had. Trust me, this will do wonders to your progress and mind frame.

There is no better feeling than seeing progress on a trading system and knowing you have 5 -10 other great ideas on paper to work on next… The sky is the limit, but focus on one idea/strategy at a time.

There Is No Get Rich Quick Trading System – Not many…

We all know there is no consistent get rich quick trading system, but there are some that can make you wealthy within a year if the stars align and you are extremely aggressive. What I am referring to are the futures compounding strategies some of the lucky traders were blessed with.

Yes there are some traders out there who actually turned $10K or $50K into $1, $2, or $4,000,000 within a 12 or 18 months. But they are few and far between. This type of trading requires 100% risk capital and you more or less win huge or lose it all, although I am working on a very exciting project now on how to do this with very little downside risk using one of my intraday futures trading systems. I will update on this in a few weeks once I have more solid numbers.

Anyway, back to NOT getting rich quick…

You need to expect the journey to financial freedom to be painful at times but if you follow your proven systems your success can be consistent and that is what is important. You will make mistakes and the markets will humble you at times. There are no free lunches and you will work for a strong return on your investment.

Money Management – Manage it or Lose

Once you have a solid performing trading system, you will need to start learning and testing out the best way to manage positions. This is also known as money management. Doing so can really leverage your system or simply be the difference between it making money or not. I recommend read a book or watching videos on money management on how to scale in and out of positions as that is the key to success I think.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Perfect

Perfection does not exist with any trading system. The financial markets are always evolving and you will have losing streaks and winning streaks. Just make sure the system is working correctly. Test it in simulation mode and start trading it with small amounts of money. You are system will never be perfect and it does not need to be perfect in order to make money.

Do Not Ever Fool Yourself – Fudging the Numbers is a NO NO

Do not attempt to fudge numbers while testing your trading system. Be honest in your backtesting reports and manually review all backtested trades for completeness and accuracy. General rule of thumb… double your commission costs, and factor in 25% slippage. This may sound crazy but you will be amazed at just how accurate these numbers will be with your real-time results with real money.

If your automated trading system does not post gains with commission fees and a 25% slippage, then continue to improve your trading strategies. Set Goals, Reach, Repeat… and nothing less…

Talk soon,
Chris Vermeulen

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Good Morning,

I just want to touch on two things… the market and my new charting with NinjaTrader

Today’s video covers the SP500 in a little more detail along with natural gas and precious metals.

It is a big day for the financial sector (banking stocks) and if they turn around and rally expect the SP500 to post some solid gains.

Precious metals may keep selling off. Trend is still firmly down.

Natural Gas is looking lofty… I am starting to drool over a short play or inverse ETF play for that. I am keeping my eye on it.

Financials are on fire this morning, they did gap lower but have posted some big gains this morning. Anyone who got long in the past three days with me should be at breakeven or in the money now. Let’s hop this is a key pivot low and prices rally/grind higher into the holiday season/year end.

Below is a daily chart of the SP500 index using the NinjaTrader platform. Over the last few months as you likely know, we have been completing our fully automated SP500 trading system so that it will be available to our followers. Over the next month we will be phasing all our charting analysis, tools, indicators and systems to run on the NinjaTrader platform. Reason? because NinjaTrader Rocks! and supports all our custom indicators and automated trading systems much better than what we are using now.

Anyways, back to the chart below… As you can see there is potential for the SP500 to pullback several percentage points. As long as it stays above our blue support line and short term high volume zone we will remain long the market adding on dips.

NinjaTrader Platform for Automated Trading Systems & Charting

Talk soon,

Chris Vermeulen
NinjaTrader Partner


How to turn your trading into a simple automated trading strategy: you know the difference among a winning and losing trade – we have all experienced both and know the excitement and the frustration associated with it.

The brutal honest truth is a tough pill to swallow. The fact that most of the time it’s not the strategy that has failed; it’s you (the trader) which is why you need a simple trading strategy drawn out on paper with detailed rules for you to follow.

In today’s report I am going to talk about how you can stop losing money and become a successful trader. We all know that before you even enter a position, you must know where you place your stop-loss order. If you don’t know where you stops are to be placed then you are trading with a major disadvantage.

Your position entry is not complete without having a stop price figured out. It blows my mind why so few investors use stop-losses. If you are guilty of not using stops, you need this information. It might be the difference between retiring on time with a big nest egg or retiring later and still just churning your account.

If you plan and place stops you are planning to win, but prepare to take losses because you will get stopped out and you will have to get back up, brush yourself off and trade another day. So with that said we need to look at the psychology around taking losses because it’s not easy to manage, and is the main reason individuals do not use stops. Being proved you were wrong flat out SUCKS!

Successful traders understand they must know where they are going to be stopped out before they enter a position. They have to know ahead of time what a wrong trade looks like so they can exit it quickly. This is a rudimentary fundamental that EVERY trader knows the answer for.

Do You Have A Trading Strategy That You Can Trade Like a Robot?

Can You Answer The Following Questions?

1. How do you know when to sit tight or cut your losses?

2. Do you have rules to tell you when to sell a losing position?

3. Do you have rules of when to move your stop to breakeven?

If you cannot answer these questions properly, you are not alone. And what it means is that you need to establish some rules for yourself. All the trading rules in the world are meaningless if you do not use them. That is why I am telling about what’s really going on with you when you refuse to manage your risk in a proactive and professional way.


Most traders refuse to take a loss for two basic reasons:

1. They cannot admit they are wrong.

For most traders, this is just too painful to admit. It’s interpreted as failure or feeds a persistent, negative self-image which none of us enjoy feeling.

Humans by nature prefer to remain in denial instead of acknowledging their losses are causing them pain. This type of trader often has to lose it all before he begins to change (or gives up trading). I know this very well. I lost it all twice when learning to trade. It was not until the second time that I hit rock bottom (financially and emotionally) that I embraced trading rules and hired a mentor to help keep me inline with my trades.

2. The loss is too big relative to their overall portfolio size so they can’t afford take the loss. 

Know this, there’s no such thing as just a paper loss. The investment (stocks, etf, options or futures contract) is worth what it’s quoted whether you realize it or not by closing the position.

Both of these examples are a form of self-delusion that millions of investors, both large and small, suffer from.

If what I am saying here is making you uncomfortable or bringing up feelings of anger or powerlessness, then that is a good sign. It means you have enough common sense and self-awareness to change what you are doing.

Example of How You Can Make Your Trading Strategy To Be More Automated:


A successful trader uses a different strategy from that of a losing trader (you) by looking at the pain from the loss in an impersonal way. They know the loss as a sign that something went wrong with their approach, or their execution, but NOT that something is wrong with them.

Winning traders separate who they are from what they do. They learn and know, that their trading losses lie in their approach to trading the market and not a reflection of whom they are as a person. The pain they feel is quickly transmuted into motivation, which fuels their desire and determination to become a better trader through refining their trading strategies to better navigate the financial market place.

Both are learned responses and within your control. The opportunity for growth from the pain of our losses are the same. It’s what we do with this emotional pain of a loss that matters, not the loss itself.

Stick with my proven Simple Automated Trading System
Make winning a habit.


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Despite the insanity of recent market rally and overseas financial issues, my followers and I are enjoying continued success with my TheGoldAndOilGuy program. Those who trade futures could be earning a robust 82% average annual return in 2014 with the new implementation of my automated trading systems for the SP500 index.

Are you making money as the market continues to make new highs? If not, then you are likely trading from the gut and have a bias as to which way you want the market to move instead of following the major trends at play. November has been another highly profitable month for the system and subscribers pocketed more profits yet again today on our SP500 trade. 

Automated Trading Systems

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Dude you are so awesome. Learning so much. Can’t thank you enough for the education and guidance you provide. -Luke Connel 

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the tip. I just sold the 10 weekly calls purchased shortly after you called this SDS play for .50 cents – they hit 1.01 yesterday while I had an appointment – today I sold for .94 – risked $500 made $440. Appreciate your updates and high profit trades! Regards, – Jim Thompson, North Caolina

Fantastic advise……..I’ve never seen anybody give the advise on time based on current market movements consistently like this.Great work Chris and please keep it up! Cheers !! – Michael I., Toronto, Canada

Hi Chirs,

I just wanted to say thanks for putting out the Morning Pre-Market Wrap Up videos.

Personally, I am so addicted to your morning videos that I feel like my morning pre-market routine is not complete until I view it. You have helped me progress in my market knowledge and trading so much I can’t imagine not having that resource each day.

If you ever putting out an educational DVD set containing all of your market knowledge, and maybe sharing how you obtained your trading skills. I for one would be very interested in getting it.

Thanks again for all you do, and the service just keeps getting better and better!
Sincerely, – Doug Givens

Hi Chris, I really admire your discipline, which in turn is helping develop mine – I am more than happy to sit on the sidelines and wait for the more probable setups, which inevitably come.
Keep up the stellar work..! Cheers, – Bry

I like the way you keep us out of dangerous markets and prepare us for an upcoming, low risk, tradable trend. Glad you do not buckle under pressure from subscribers to make a fast but dangerous buck.
I am learning a lot about how to trade with you and appreciate the time you take to educate us. The last video about the oil futures market was eye-opening. Take care, – Lars

If you give me some time to prove myself in 2014 you should not only make money but learn to trade at the same time. 

If you think my automated trading system is just another internet marketing trading scam, I applaud your skepticism.

I come from a world where only results backed by cold, hard numbers have value, NOT empty words and hollow promises. So there’s no need for me to forgive you if you think my system which I have traded since 2006 and is automated to alert you only when the highest probability trades are available, is too good to be true.

In this day and age, you SHOULD be skeptical. But the results for my system have been explosive and it continues to outperform the SP500 index.

Basically, it’s beat the vast majority of hedge funds, pro-traders and money-managers!

Join today and get ready to make 2014 the most exciting year for trading yet.

TheGoldAndOilGuy newsletter will now incorporate some of this automated trading systems trades so we can benefit even more from the market.

Warning: There is a risk of loss in trading. It is the nature of commodity and securities trading that where there is the opportunity for profit, there is also the risk of loss. Securities trading involves a certain degree of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Derivative transactions, including futures and forex, are complex and carry the risk of substantial losses. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. It is important you understand all the risks involved with trading, and you should only trade with risk capital. This information is for educational purposes only.