Phenomenal call today on oil Chris. 10% in one day! You’ve earned yourself a member for life.

First of all thanks a lot, I’ve been a member for a while and you’re the only person I follow (well you and another guy that studies money flows :), I love your videos and your trading style, I’ve been so lucky to find you – I’ve tried a lot of services (and I mean a lot) and only you 2 made it to the permanent list I can’t do without!

I just watched today’s video and I’ve been shocked by your cycle analysis – what indicators do you use!

Been follow you quite some time, so many gems!

Thanks again!

Hi Chris,
Very much enjoying being on board and wished I had done so many years ago.
You do keep our feet on the ground and it is great to have the knowledge you share.

Hi Chris – I’ve been a member of your program for about two weeks…great program!!Been trading for a couple of years, but haven’t been able to consistently connect all the dots. However with your expert help and advice, the dots are already coming into focus.

Been trading for a couple of years, but haven’t been able to consistently connect all the dots. However with your expert help and advice, the dots are already coming into focus.Your knowledge of the market is uncanny.

Your knowledge of the market is uncanny.Your morning market updates are invaluable.

Your morning market updates are invaluable.Your afternoon update today was exquisite!!! I have witnessed that upward creeping chart formation before but have been reluctant to “pull the trigger” on my own. Then your afternoon update came through and I pulled the trigger immediately. Wow!

Your afternoon update today was exquisite!!! I have witnessed that upward creeping chart formation before but have been reluctant to “pull the trigger” on my own. Then your afternoon update came through and I pulled the trigger immediately. Wow!Thanks again Chris, I’m totally optimistic about my trading future.

Thanks again Chris, I’m totally optimistic about my trading future.

Your daily videos have become an integral part of my morning routine.  Those few minutes provide a quick snapshot to formulate/execute potential trades.  The technical analysis has been integral to my continued success over the past several years and now allows me the luxury of time to do the things I truly enjoy.

You are one of the best teachers I have ever had. And I think I have mentioned; I have had a very good year, using all of your past teachings; & your morning videos to trade the ES & other markets. You provide so much info; if we just take it in & apply it.

I always think about how much more I could learn from you; if you didn’t have to worry about covering so many stocks & sectors and coming out specific calls.

We can take your teachings; & apply them to our own trading; or if in a Trading Room environment to trade ES futures if we wanted.

Sorry to babble what I’m trying to say is you are such a great teacher/mentor; I hope someday you might consider doing that more; than having to get out specific stock or ETF “Buys” & “Sells” or telling people to “sell half” etc….

Hi Chris,

I must say that I am really impressed with your analysis. The way you predicted where the market would turn recently – 1600 last week and again today at the low 1620’s was brilliant. I would really like to improve my own trading and I’m guilty of over trading in the past so do not want to jump in too often especially as you do not pull the trigger too often!

I must say that I have subscribed to many services in the past but yours , so far, has been the best I’ve come across and I’ve glad I’ve found you. I was close to giving up on it all but I think that I can make a success of it with your help.

Keep up the good work.

Your charting is fantastic, I must give you a round of applause for your skill and talent.

U da man, Chris! Some rather good calls these past few weeks and much good educational material and advice as usual. I continue to learn a lot from you which is what it’s all about.

Thanks much!

Thank you for your wisdom.

I want to compliment you NOT ONLY on the insightful and timely analysis, BUT ALSO ESPECIALLY ON ITS par excellence visual presentation. It is truly a work of art…that I well know takes much time to create.

Very Impressed with Your Service!
I am a recent subscriber to your service after following you for quite some time. Your last two trades have paid for my subscription fee 2 times over.

Your updates and videos are very well prepared and great for the novice trader. They are timely and reliable. It is clear you are passionate and knowledgeable about the market and it’s nuances. I know I am really going to enjoy following along with your analysis and commentary.

Thank you for such an interesting service and the opportunity you have provided to learn more about technical trading.

Hi Chris, Amazing how our minds think alike. I took your analysis seriously last week, plus the week before that when you said that gold would run up to resistance and then start back down again. As you know, I bought DUST last week and am up over 7% as I write. I’ve got a big fat smile on my face, much of it thanks to you. It would be icing on the cake if you could figure out a bottom in gold. But none of us have that crystal ball. Sincerely,

I continue to very much enjoy your daily vids and most especially the educational aspects of them. I am trying hard to learn your patient and methodical approach and the various tips and insights you offer are much appreciated. I, for one, actually value the educational aspects as much, or maybe even more, than the trades themselves. I have been one of those trying to pick bottoms and tops and you are slowly weaning me off my addiction to that “drug” (it’s such a rush when you get it right, but the odds are tough as you know). It seems to me that the markets have gotten tougher to trade in the last 10-15 years, so good trading rules seem to be more important than ever. You are one of the more honest, straightforward, and “real” traders that I’ve run across, so keep up the good work! 😉

Terrific job on analyzing the precious metals and miners Chris – you have been very accurate with your assessment to date.Well done!

You truly keep a cool head. Thanks for all your guidance.

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your excellent video analysis, timely mail updates and remarkably accurate alerts. I just stayed away from a tempting long position only because of your alerts and saved from blowing my account.

Hey mate,

Chris, Thank-you for all the articles, videos and insights that you have provided over the year. You are a gifted man and trader, and it is a real pleasure to see others who are gifted share with others, as this is often the source of real joy.

Please know that you and JW are appreciated for all of your efforts and hard work, and that you have an affect on others livelihoods through what you do, even if you never get to hear of it.

So thanks, and I hope you both and your families have a lovely time over the holiday period.

I look forward to working alongside you both and learning more in the year ahead.

Kind regards,

There are tons of charlatans, scammers and just plain idiots in the trading world, but fortunately not all of them and Chris Vermeulen is definitely one of the good guys.

Chris knows his stuff and from personal experience (critical), has the right mindset about being a successful trader, plus he communicates his knowledge and inspires in a way that’s easy and enjoyable to receive.

In short, he’s got the 3 most important characteristics you want in a Trading Mentor / Educator / Advisor.

I highly recommend Chris for these reasons, plus he is a man of integrity and a pleasure to work with.

You got me till i die. Your service is great and getting better.

With your help, I am currently up 60% across all my brokerage accounts this year. And the year is not over! Thanks.

Just wanted to let you know …

How much I have enjoy watching your broadcasts.

I am nearing retirement (2 years), a simple social worker in Spokane, WA (modest income).

But during my free time, I am totally addicted to following the U.S equity markets and investing … ever since I was a Freshman in College.

I listen to several AM stations, watch videos, listen to (you might get a kick out of), and many others.

BUT I really look forward to your broadcasts, beyond all others. IT IS SO APPRECIATED !!!

Thank you for your time and efforts, particularly in these economic times!

I enjoy your morning videos a lot and am learning quite a bit. My trading has improved and I have definitely learned to be more patient and control risk better. And I love the little words of wisdom, like “trade what you see, not what you think” — those stick with me.

Chris, I’m new to your service and will seldom if ever send you Emails. Your advice on the S&P Short worked perfectly for me and I took profits. I am a pure Swing trader and your approach is just what I am looking for. I closed all positions at the Close which is unusual for me. Thanks for your excellent navigation on my first trade with you and I’m ready for the next one!! Your videos are superb!

Thank you for your service, I have made money and most importantly appreciate the daily charts and explanation – Keep Up The Great Work

Hi Chris,
Just a quick note to say, I think your Wednesday report was very timely and sold my two major long positions near the close. Whether or not tomorrow morning is a gap down that takes away a lot of today’s gains remains to be seen but I think you provided the information we need to make high percentage decisions. The top may still be a few days away but that remains to be seen so I for one really appreciate you pointing out the oversold condition of the market yesterday! I unloaded a 40 x 40 yahoo spread that has been slower than most to respond to the recent rally but I’m glad to get the risk capital back and should find another pretty soon. I also sold a 20 x 20 spread on the fxe rather than sit and wait for my usual profit targets. This has been a very taxing market with all the ups and downs lately, however, you help navigate the craziness of a market that acts like a chicken with it’s head cut off!

Thanks again and God Bless you and your family

Thanks for the great analysis you do, Chris. I look forward to beginning my mornings with your video. I’ve taken a lot of investment classes and get various newsletters, but your videos are the best, and enhance everything else I look at as well. Your comment on Obama & regulation was very factual. I hope you’re not getting grief about your comment, but if you did, don’t let the political correctness police get to you!

I for one want to thank you. It took me several years of reading your articles and watching your videos to understand your point below. It has made me a better investor and has led to money growth.

Thanks again,

Been a member for nearly 2 years now and i think your work is fantastic.

This is some of the very best advice I’ve ever seen and this alone worth the cost of a year’s subscription. It will be a struggle for me psychologically to follow this advice to the letter as I am an impatient personality but I am going to really try and avoid all the common traps I fall victim to and have a profitable year.

Hey Chris,

I’m currently on a 6-month subscription, and am real excited about how much I’ve been learning from your webcasts and daily emails. It’s really incredible, and I feel like I’m learning about as much as you can at a “novice” rate – without actually working for an Investment company. For that, I have to say that I’m very grateful, and wish you future success in your investing.


Great calls on the VXX, that one trade paid for 2 years subscription to your service.

I don’t usually bother you with emails, but I have to congratulate you on some very good picks.
Your timing and management of the trades are superb.

Hi Chris,

First of all I wanted to congratulate you with your strong performance last year and great service you provide to people like myself, I find all the trading tips as well as articles very insightful.

I am looking forward to another great trading year, and my time in between jobs will finally allow me to dive into your trading methodologies in further detail, i am really looking forward to that.


Thanks for your service, it has definitely improved my trading. I have been trading 4 years and am profitable but your clear insight and analysis has really helped take my trading to the next level. I am also happy to support a fellow Canadian.

Hello, Chris,
I want to thank you for a great year of education and successful trading following your analysis and example. This was a turn-around year for me, and it is all due to the way you explain things and then set the example. I now think that I will be able to turn a profit, even in a treacherous market.

I admire your skill and experience and have learned–the hard way–not to trade anything unless it is in sync with the analysis you have given.

What is amazing to me is how fundamental the dollar is to everything. I had come to despise it by association, since it represents everything that is false in our world–big money, big banks, a dysfunctional government that does “not see or tell or stop,” etc. But it is a valuable indicator, and I now see it is the first thing to look at.

Kind regards,

First, as a new subscriber, let me express my gratitude for your fabulous service. In addition to your expertise in reading charts and analyzing the markets, you help me a lot with your patience and your calm attitude. You are teaching me that trading needn’t be an anxious, fearful, messy, hectic, or horrific experience. On the contrary, with proper focus on charts, patience in allowing the markets to give us opportunities for profit, precision with entry and exit points, and overall tranquility, trading can be zen-like as well as profitable. As you suggest, it’s all about being in the zone, going with the flow, and always remaining disciplined.

Thanks for your faithfulness and direction during this past year. I really enjoy your service and I appreciate your conservative approach to building and protecting our funds.

God bless,


This is to personally thank you for your service. It is my second year and indeed I am very satisfied not only of the performance, that considering the current markets has been good, but especially of the quality and consistence of your advice, which is very honest, transparent and with realistic expectations.

Keep up the good work

Just want to thank you for all the effort and educational content you put into your service. I found your service after a couple of near fatal trading account hits and i decided I needed some help, so I’ve been with you for aprox three months now and I’m back to where I started (pre hit) using your trades and your analysis. I’ve recommended you to all my trading friends, two have signed up and another will in the new year.

Kind Regards

I am blown away at the technical accuracy Chris reads the market. No excuses, no padding, no wishful thinking just the way he sees it. Accurate, very conservative and risk averse. On the daily recap he makes it look so simple, yet one starts to appreciate the breath of his knowledge as the Market whips around as it has lately. The Entries and Stops are clearly defined and the Risk is acceptable. The Management of trades is deceptively simple yet very effective. There is scope for traders to use their own initiative and place the trades to their own discretion. So far I have followed three trades and made twelve percent on my account. My target to make 20% on my account looks a bit low. Very good value for money. Thank you Chris!

Chris is simply the best on simple technical trading!

Hi I have been trading and investing for 28 years. Chris is the best and most straightforward technical/chart reader I’ve seen. His simple risk/reward trades are highly effective in these volatile markets.

Chris: Just wanted to thank you personally for the advice over the last few months. I’m relatively new to actively managing my accounts and your advice has helped me allot. I feel like I have a chance in this crazy market with you as co-pilot.

All the Best

I am a new subscriber after following you for a year before finally taking the plunge. Has worked out great and paid for you subscription 4 times over on your first recommendation doing exactly as you instructed. For me, the best part is limitation of risk you put on your trades, something essential, but rarely done by “financial advisers” who can wipe out half your life savings in a bear market.

Keep it up!!

Chris, just to let you know your videos are absolutely fantastic! It’s a great education for anyone who wants to become a full time trader like myself. Keep up the great work.

I have been following your analyses for quite some time (years) and I truly like & admire the way you keep emotion out of the trading. Over time I have picked up many important things about trading from reading/listening to you. Also, I appreciate the fact that you make it a point to educate your audience about trading set ups, trends-spotting and money management. Thank you for all the good stuff!!

Your technical analysis is super …..keeps me in line. I am a recent subscriber and was late for the last short with SDS. Used EDZ in place of SDS this time for 12.6% gain in a few days! Have been using technical analysis for a long time but you have really shown me how to fine tune with the extra charts.

Hi Chris!

Real quick; the way you have had us maneuver this crazy market is amazing. I have a friend who is a trader at Morgan Stanley, and I am kicking his tail! I continue to learn so much; thank you!! Not only am I outperforming because of our trade strategy, I am outperforming by being patient; not overtrading, and NOT taking big draw downs. I have friends (that I am trying to get to sign up!), that are just getting whipsawed and won’t admit that they need better education of how the markets work. Oh well.

Anyway, GREAT job as always, thanks so much for sharing what you know with us.

Although I am new to the program I have found that your approach makes me more patient. A valuable trait. I have in the past had the correct long term view but my short term feel for the market was much improved by your advice. I haven’t been with Chris that long yet so I cannot claim many wonderful successes but I can see that your strategies will work and that gives me a new found sense of positiveness toward the markets. I look forward to future trades prompted by your advice.

Hi Chris, I wanted to take the time to thank you for not only providing great advice, but also in how you educate us on a daily basis. I really appreciate your work, and I’m very happy that I joined as a subscriber.

Thanks again,

Dude you are so awesome. Learning so much. Can’t thank you enough for the education and guidance you provide.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the tip. I just sold the 10 weekly calls purchased shortly after you called this SDS play for .50 cents – they hit 1.01 yesterday while I had an appointment – today I sold for .94 – risked $500 made $440. Appreciate your updates and high profit trades!


Fantastic advise……..I’ve never seen anybody give the advise on time based on current market movements consistently like this.

Great work Chris and please keep it up!

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to say thanks for putting out the Morning Pre-Market Wrap Up videos.

Personally, I am so addicted to your morning videos that I feel like my morning pre-market routine is not complete until I view it. You have helped me progress in my market knowledge and trading so much I can’t imagine not having that resource each day.

If you ever putting out an educational DVD set containing all of your market knowledge, and maybe sharing how you obtained your trading skills. I for one would be very interested in getting it.

Thanks again for all you do, and the service just keeps getting better and better!


Hi Chris, I really admire your discipline, which in turn is helping develop mine – I am more than happy to sit on the sidelines and wait for the more probable setups, which inevitably come.

Keep up the stellar work..!


I like the way you keep us out of dangerous markets and prepare us for an upcoming, low risk, tradable trend. Glad you do not buckle under pressure from subscribers to make a fast but dangerous buck.

I am learning a lot about how to trade with you and appreciate the time you take to educate us. The last video about the oil futures market was eye-opening.

Take care,

Thanks for this sco trade! Even though I only put on 1/2 size positions in my trading account, my ira and wife’s ira and my sons’ retirement account, it definitively paid for your service and made all our waiting worthwhile.

Chris, you provide excellent reports and videos, it’s easy to see why you likely have many paying subscribers, especially since you started videos as you explain things very well and it seems you have a sound trading methodology as well.

It seems you really show some of your insights into your methodology here too, for me I mostly knew following you for so long but for anyone newish this would be a great insight for them on why they should follow you. 

Anyway just wanted to give you a little more positive feedback on why I really enjoy your reports, keep up the great work and Happy Trading!

You just paid for my subscription for a couple years. The only thing I was not sure about was the duration, but it made itself clear when I replayed your morning video where you clearly explained what to look for in this trade. I thank you for the trade opportunity and well done!


I’m a new subscriber and just wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying your morning market reviews. I’ve been a trader for over a decade now and I know the discipline it takes to be patient which I really admire about you. I joined your service after reading your articles on the web for the past year and I always noticed that we see the market through the same eyes. So, I joined up with you to have another voice that helps me stay on the path seeing the market for what it is and not what I think it’s going to be.

Keep up the good work and commentary and if you are ever in San Francisco give me a shout and I’ll have you up for dinner.

Take care and looking forward to continuing prosperity and abundance,

Hi Chris – Thanks so much for the great information provided in your service. My mornings now begin with your videos! My first month’s subscription – which I used as a ‘test’, will end at the end of October. At that time, I’d like to convert to an annual subscription. Thanks again, for the clear reading of technical’s, analysis of inter-relationships of U.S. dollar, gold, silver, oil, bonds, and equities, and the clear way you communicate that analysis. With my first month, trading on your recommendations has easily paid for my next year’s subscription.

Just joined two weeks ago and I love your service. I have been looking for an oppertunity to learn from an experienced trader.Your daily vidoes are awesomeI love that you take the time to go over it every day. That really reinforces the techniques you are teaching. Seeing you walk through the charts and draw out and explain the patterns and trends is helping me so much. Trying to learn on my own has been very difficult. Books just don’t cut it. After reading a book then trying to interpret markets on my own just seems impossible at times often leaving me feeling defeated. So thankful I found you. Thank you for providing this service!

I must say, I’m mightily impressed on just how much detail and effort you seem to give daily, I would gladly pay double/triple/+ the current yearly subscription fee but hopefully a massive thanks will do for now 🙂

You are expanding my discipline no-end and I can already feel a major change in that I’m not cutting profit too quickly and kicking myself when I see what potential profit I could’ve had if only I had let it play out some more and I am also taking less risky trades as well.

Kindest regards

It’s nice to be a card carrying member Chris. I’ve been following your analysis and recommendations, as far as the free ones go, and like what I see especially your convergent methods on psychology and technical’s. You seem to have it going. And I especially like your ability to think both bearish and bullish with your own skin in the game; after all, it’s just business.

Hi Chris,
I would just like to say thanks for all your trade dissections and alerts. The recent oil trade more than paid for the cost of joining your alerts so a big thank you. Your videos are great and they have already given me a new insight into how the markets work. I look forward to continuing to trade with you. Thanks again.

Chris, thanks for the spot on analysis. Based on your charts and comments, I bought SPY October puts yesterday morning, and made 100% in two days. Way to go man. Keep up the strong work. Love your patience.

Well all I can say is thanks. Followed a lot of other peoples advice on how to make a trade work for you only to get burned on wrong entry point. Have not been with you long but been investing for a long time. For the first time in years I am comfortable entering trades again because I know why and also what to do to properly manage them because of your videos and detailed trade alerts. Thanks,

Hi chris just wanted to say thank you we have had some great trades in the last few. It is a very volatile time in the market and it’s not so easy to trade but you have kept us in the money. Many thanks

Great trades once again

Dear Chris,
Congratulation for very good profit for Oil & Dollar within very short time. I played Call option for UUP (for dollar) & put option for XLE(for Oil) which gave nearly 60% profit. I am waiting for alerts from you for Oil & SPY( Which is due ) to take another short position.

Hi Chris,

How this is possible for you? As if you have read the minds of great gentlemen in the meeting !!. You have exactly predicted the Dollar will shoot up, Oil will fall drastically and ……. In simple words, Unbelievable !! Every day there is a surprise from you! I think, we have to simply accept the fact that you are guardian of our money, who not only protects our capital but also ensures we make great returns !!

So, one thing I have realised today is,… need to read or listen or get excited about any thing…..just simply do as what you say and sit tight….returns will be great !!!

Thanks a lot Chris for your great work and is really appreciated. I also would like to know your other services you are providing so that I will subscribe to those as well for better learning as well as good returns.

You have really earned your respect from me with your great work ethics !!

Wish you great day!

I am honoured to receive your analysis. I learn a lot from your trading signals, training and the videoThe efforts you put to educate the traders is absolutely great! What a great call on Crude and Dollar. Absolutely on the spot! When your success rate is 90% why there is worry!!

Great work Chris and please continue your good work… Thanks again

Best regards,

Love your timing so far, however, I had some video card problems combine with email problems which severely limited my capacity for trading which caused me to miss your entry email for your latest trade, however, I was happy to see it turn out to be a trade I had just put on the previous day, so it provided confirmation for the way I was seeing the market. Thanks for all your hard work. Appreciate your energy and efforts to provide such a thoughtful service!


Hi Chris, SDS was the first trade we did with you. Although I got in a day late, I still made out like a bandit! As mentioned in a previous email, we’re new traders and trading options not stocks. We made 57% on our SDS option. We will have paid for your yearly service with just one trade! Your morning video, which is our nightly video (we’re in Hong Kong), is highly educational for us as we’re relatively new to the trading world and trading very carefully with our new education.

Thank you so much for a job well done!

Dear Chris, I totally agree with your analysis! In fact, it is the greed which kills most trader which you have been pointing in your videos. As you know we need to protect our capital in order to trade which is what you have been doing very well for us.

Many people may be getting it wrong but we are on fire!! Keep it up Chris! I may not be a very big trader but I am learning all the time….Thanks for your guidance and big thumps up for you !! Regards,

Hi Chris,Thanks for all the learning that I’ve received from you since I started the subscription. My father died nearly three years ago, and I had to start from scratch. You and the resources you’ve mentioned have been a great help.

Also wanted to thank you for the idea on UUP. I ended up doing options on this and just sold for a gain of over 166% todayafter Switzerland pegged its currency 20% to the Euro.

Dear Chris, Hurrah, my first trade with your advice $2739. Got stopped out this morning 5:35 (Sydney time), did not want to carry over the weekend. Your videos are just first class. Thank you very much.

Great calls Chris! I took profits on UWM this past Wednesday when you made the call to go short and then bought someTZA and sold it this morning at a really nice profit. Thanks for the e-mail telling us to sell and the advice to take profits this morning.

I appreciate your advice.

Chris, Great call on the sds trade. I had bought a call option on it which should be up to a good size when the market opens. Thanks for your hard work.

Wow Chris, Made a truck load on shorting gold of late, love the daily video, you are spot on. Keep up the good work!

Made 15% on AGQ before getting triggered. Hopefully we can catch another bottom.

Chris, Been able to take advantage of your caution of a short-term top in gold to short gold as a quick swing trade. Thanks.

Hello Chris,First of all, I wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed becoming a new member of your service. Particularly, I enjoy your input and analysis of the gold and silver market you give each day. I’m a 51 year old young man that is relatively new to trading ( where have I been all my life? ) and I would consider my trading ability at just beyond novice. My desire obviously is to become a more successful trader. I would like to generate an income by trading so that I could stay home more often with my wife of 15 years who has been very ill the last 7 years due to Multiple Sclerosis. I find it very difficult to work a Part-time business and be a full time caregiver at the same time. I’m not complaining I just want to somehow make my life a little easier if possible.

Thanks Chris for taking the time to reply to my e-mails.

Hello Chris, I’ve enjoyed your service for a little over a week now. I have taken a few chart/trade courses and read the Edwards McGee book since 2003. I want to compliment you on your service. I can see what I learned but you add so much experience to my very basic understanding! You make my morning so much easier and you stop me from entering choppy markets! It has been a real comfort. It is so nice to hear your synopsis and know you are pointing out what I see too, but I don’t act wisely on what I learned. Now I can listen to you, know it feels good and go on with my work day. I really like your service!!

Your 13 minute video of this morning was a tremendous fine lesson in chart reading and interpretation and most enjoyable to see and hear. Many thanks.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your emails! They truly are informative and may sound silly but I get the impression you really do care!
God bless you sir and your business … keep up the great work!

Chris, thanks for providing a great service to us fellow investors. I wish I had know about this service 5 years ago.

Hi Chris;
I really liked your audio with Jim Puplava and David Morgan on the metals and oil, etc. this morning. I’ve always liked the metals as they always represent real value. I hope the show gives you some extra exposure. Your careful and safe style is a must in the real world and that is why I chose to follow you; your not a get rich quick kinda guy. Your teaching is very helpful to me…Congrats and God Bless,

Chris, your short term calls and insights kept me in this market after Monday. Thanks for your insight.

Your emails and training to help us understand what is going on really helps to calm things down.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because of your service and what you have taught me, along with other fundamentals you have made me a rich man. My dollar short position of the last few months has made me more than I ever could have dreamed of. Thanks for the tip.

Chris, Forgot to say great job nailing gold/silver and the minors. I made good money shorting gold and some of the minors(using puts) when you told us in a much earlier video to watch the minors. If they start to underperform the metal; then something is wrong. Great call and more importantly to me; thanks for showing us your thesis, on the charts. Cheers,

I think your bang on…love your advice all of it, really is help and I thank you for it !!

I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much I appreciate your market analysis. I am relatively new to Swing Trading – although I have followed the markets for many years, just didn’t have funds to invest – however was totally facinated by the financial markets and did paper paper trading just for the fun and education.

I do my own analysis on the weekends and then compare it to yours when you mail it out each week. While I follow other analyst, I find that you are usually right on with yours – rarely do I take exception to your view of what’s happening in the market.

Thank you for your service,

Chris, I count myself fortunate to have signed up with you. I have learned a great deal in a short time about how you put all this theory I have been learning over the past few years into practice.

Hi Chris. You are not only a great help to your flock, but the most solicitous newsletter writer I have ever encountered…I am not always home to act on your information in a timely manner, but could with my smart phone. Thanks for all you do.

I value your commentary. It helps me to make decisions. For years I have traded on instinct or hoped that others could provide me with good decisions. At this point all I want is the kind of support info that you provide so well. I value the level of commitment you put into the job. Have a good year.

Not only does he offer timely trades, but his video commentary and intraday updates help with my own trading. Many times because of his info on changing trends intraday I have bought or sold stocks for winning trades, then switched from a bullish to a bearish bias or vice versa and bought or sold stocks following the new trend. Or sometimes his info just confirms my own market bias and I can take on risk more comfortably. Chris has helped me be flexible in a market that can change on the proverbial dime. He’s the trader’s eye-in-the-sky, like the helicopter traffic reporter, letting me know the best route to get home safely and profitably.

Hi Chris,
I want to thank you for today. I watch the market as well as your website pretty much every day since I joined you in early November. Your daily videos and updates are excellent and you really seem to have a gift for reading the markets. There were many times I almost took your info and went on my own with it. In fact, today, I was almost going to buy some SSO when it bottomed but then backed down since I feel like I really don’t know what I’m doing …. AND THEN within seconds of backing down… I get your trade alert. You have never seen anyone so happy!! I felt that now I had a pro calling the shots and (win or lose) at least we had an educated chance to make some money. I actually kind of over-reacted and bought too much, so I sold it down around 3:30 and made a great profit. I will hold my smaller (and safer) position until it matures .. one way or the other. I hope the subscribers that emailed you didn’t give you a hard time. You stated in the alert that this was risky and we should only allocate a small amount. If you never had issued the alert, we never would have had this opportunity (win or lose). I just hope that you continue to guide us on days like this and you don’t feel pressured to do otherwise. By the way… I think you have a great system as it is and don’t need to change a thing. I just wish we had more setups and alerts. Thanks again for your professional guidance…

Hi Chris:
First, I want to tell you how I appreciate your analysis each day and have been finding it useful. thanks.


I didn’t mention it, but I could use more of your small specific stock recommendations, particularly with buy targets. My limit order for EW filled at 0.94/share so I now have $7500+ return on a $10,000 investment in just a few weeks! That will sure pay for the subscription. Nice call!

I am a recent subscriber, but your reports are truly invaluableYou not only guide, but you teach. You could never send me too many emails, and could not fathom anyone thinking otherwise. Please send out as many emails as you think appropriate and have time for.

You service is marvelous, and I benefit greatly from every bit of information you share with your subscribers.

Chris- Your analysis and commentary makes your service worthwhile and interesting; the alerts are gravy. I learn something useful almost daily from your missives. The difficulties for me are breaking bad trading habits that took years to develop and convincing my wife that I’m not crazy. ;-))


Dear Chris,
What a great collection of wise advices and tips. Trading wisdom! If I was you, I would bring out a book. I’m not a beginner and I’ve survived 3 years of trading. Nevertheless this document has got great value for me.
I appreciate your work!

Hi Chris,

I don’t know how many positive e-mails you get.

As a fairly new subscriber, just wanted to write you how much I appreciate your service and that I’m learning a lot. I like your style! You make very complicated stuff easy to understand. Of course, we need to invest some patience and a little effort.Especially welcome are your recent explanations as to sizes of positions, market being oversold, not gambling the farm, letting the market work itself out, etc. These observations are very helpful to a novice investor.

Rather than trying to make an easy buck from quick trades, I subscribed to try to understand how the market moves so I can adjust positions long-range to keep up my allocations in line. I figure you saved me a lot recently just by taking some money off the table at the right times. Recently I began following your plays with small positions just to get experience.Wow – the discipline it requires is enormous! The danger is always doing too much too early, it seems.

Again, thanks so much for this incredibly valuable service.


I admit, shorting the SP500 when you sent out the alert didn’t seem right so I didn’t take a position. I’m sure that you took some heat from other subscribers on this trade. I’m really happy that it worked out for you. It shows a few things:

1) You keep your eye on the markets.
2) You put your money in what you believe.
3) You have bigger balls then I do.

BTW – Thanks for all of your help with trading – picking stocks and the education within the trades! Your approach and views makes sense and has helped my portfolio grow!

Hi, Chris–my working life was with Lehman and Bear, I resigned from Bear a year before the collapse (many times I’ve found it’s not the money you make it’s the money you don’t loose). I’ve been a subscriber for a couple months and your service fits right in with my trading/investment style. I simply like the way you conduct business, it’s very understandable for a novice to a veteran – great product!

Out of the four other paid subscriptions to which I currently subscribe you are at the top of my list

Hi Chris,
Great report today. I thought your comments on the rising neck-line on silver being better to trade than a falling neck-line really interesting. This sort of information is just what I need to learn. Thanks,

Chris, another terrific technical justification for your methodology, today. Some would call it hand holding. I simply will say thatyou provide the tools which give us the justification for the position trades which ignore the noise of the marke place and allow us to correctly time the turns for profit and both short and long term account trading growth. Thanks again and best regards to the Vermeulen Family. Holiday week ahead will provide fewer players and the chance to see some more pronounced moves.

Just wanted to let you know that your new daily video’s are great and you are generally spot on with your market analysis.You’re one of the best of breed I’ve seen in this business.

Dear Chris,
I would like to compliment you for the way you explain the market trends! It has been a good decision to take on a subscription with you! After the first profit takings (which you defined as trims) I took some profits, as it was the first time for me to follow your market advice.
Best regards,

Hi Chris, I took some positions off the table as you suggested. By the way, I’ve only been with you for a couple of weeks but I must say I’m very impressed and I’m starting to gain back some of the losses I had taken using another service….so thank you!!!!!

I love the new set-up, Chris…it is like having you online during the trading session with the updates…I really like the increased frequency of trades..your two $1 long-term trades are exploding….no complaints!!! It is a great service now with the charts and videos, Chris… I wouldn’t change a thing…you are making good money for us.
I appreciate it very much!

Hi Chris

Just wanted to thank you not only for your sage advice but also your efforts to educate us as part of the process. The charting and the deliberate, cogent explanations are most appreciated. They are a welcome relief from the slang laden pronouncements of the less articulate prognosticators in the field.

Keep up the great work.

Hi Chris,
I have been one of your subscribers now for almost a year and watching closely lately and wanted to comment that you are really on your game and doing some great workI say this in the context that I am a former head trader and coo for a global hedge fund here in Boston and have seen a lot guys make a go at trying to sort out market mechanics and timing usually only to find themselves getting hammered in the end.
Thanks again,

Thanks Chris,
By the way, as a newcomer to your service I just wanted you to know I like your chart analysis in the mornings and afternoons. So far the action seems to fall in line with your short term predictions. No pressure and I know predicting is the hardest job out there, but your analysis is clear and provides me with confidence in either placing trades or waiting (which sometimes is significantly more difficult)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the tremendous service you provide. I very much appreciate your continuous on-line updates with videos and explanations. During this very interesting time with AU and AG few of the other services I take put out the volume, frequency or quality of information that you have been providing. I feel very fortunate to have access to a service with someone like you who is so qualified and puts forth such a great effort to insure that your subscribers know what’s going on, are provided with the technical analysis to enable understanding, and are guided in working through such complex situations as are present today.

I started investing in the PMs and Oil before I found your service and consider your service a must have for anyone in these sectors.

Thank you for all the time and effort you have invested in developing your service, for your expertise, and for your interest is those of us who are just small retail investors.

Dear Chris
Just made $1300 in two days on your recommendation to short crude and have locked in $7000 on silver and used your protective stop to lock in gains.

Hi Chris, We have been subscribers to TGAOG for 5 months now and find your insights very accurate and useful. You are really professional and we really feel like you care to protect your subscribers’ capital. Low risk setups as you say yourself. What you see is what you get. I love that! Keep up the good work.
Best regards,

Hi Chris, I took a portion off the table to lock in some gains like you suggested. A great 10% gain on my GLD options contracts. I am finally following your advice to the letter! Where before I would read what you said and trade a similar commodity play buy not the same equity you suggested. I learn the hard way! LOL! Thank You for the service and education you provide.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for all of the great information received since I joined. I personally do not like intraday trading and can not be in front of the computer screen all day and prefer the longer term trades that you alert me to. With the few trades since joining have more than doubled my account, so far so good.
With regards,

Chris, Thank you for bringing intelligence and calm to my trading. I used to be a nervous wreck and impulsively fighting the markets for every penny, winning many but losing badly on some for over 25 years. Your method has changed my finances, my stress levels and my life.

I exited my gold and silver positions and even shorted gold and silver in a smaller way a few days ago. Sitting pretty today.

You are da man.

Chris, Last time I contacted you I asked about the SLV ETF and told you I thought I saw a cup formation in the 5 day chart. I went ahead and entered in at $17.30 and have rode the wave up. I wouldn’t have known to do this without your training and emails. I also entered a position in HL and have been nicely rewarded so far.

Thank you for your informative emails you have helped me a lot. I have made a good chunk of change this week.

Chris, I’m glad your my trainer. I’ve only started to make consistent profit since you began teaching me. I had a fair degree of leverage on gold until a few days ago. Like you I had watched it creeping up that trend line bottom side of the wedge. I imagined all the stops that would be built into this region. I knew it was a great danger area. I took my trades off. Self control is what matters in the long run in this game and I did the right thing. Just want you to know I’m very happy with your service.

Thanks for your accurate analysis of gold Chris. I wasn’t in the market on the last run up (I missed your buy signal) but I continued to watch your videos. So when gold spiked today to 1262 I recognized that the ‘big guys would jump on it and sell’, as you said. I bought GLD Aug 118 puts at $1.80, which 1/2 hr later were up 36% when gold did indeed drop. Thanks!

I have learned the knack of trading so that I am earning my livelihood from trading having learned from you and your tutelage how to discipline myself to enter and exit trades as I should. I am not perfect by any means, but am now able to make the remainder of the way on my own. I am happy to have found you so I could put it all together. By trading carefully, I can make between $2000 to $4000 each month so I will be in good shape.

Again, thank you so much for showing me what I needed to do to succeed.

Hi, Most people are quick to complain but slow in thanking people. I want to thank you not only for the results but for the professional manner in which you analyze trades without emotion. I also like the fact that you dont have to sit at the computer all day, it wears me down.

This extra money means a lot to me and my family. One of my boys is autistic so this really helps with the expenses. Looking forward to learning more about your methods.

Hi Chris, I really appreciate you open admission on missing an opportunity. Human beings cannot be perfect 100% all the time. I agree with you that not loosing is a great thing in trading and definitely we will have lots of opportunities in the market in one way or the other.

I like the way you react to a missed opportunity. You are indeed my favourite investing guru… makes the odd mistake and is able to stand right up and face it. I am a lot like that and find it is the only way I recover from the times when I am on the wrong side of a trade. I have learned an immense amount from you Chris.

Chris, I watched your Monday night video, and I shorted the S&P as you suggested and got a quick profit. I appreciate when you give entry and exit points as you did in the evening video. You obviously know what you are doing.

Hi Chris, Thanks for your help on the gold trade and your great video tonight. Your service is like going to school, only a lot more fun!!!

Excellent lesson. I haven’t lost money with you, which I can’t say for the couple other services I’m registered with, I’ve made money with your calls, and what I make you protect. Thanks, Chris.

Once again, I’d like to say how your service is better than anything else I could ever find. I love it. Without your service, I really don’t know where else to go. Thanks!!

I’m sure you get more than enough praise but I felt the need to chime in as well.

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your service. I’ve been receiving your free market updates for about a year and finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up with the Gold and Oil Guy just a couple months ago. I’ve been trading for about 6 years now and started out quite well (got lucky J) but soon developed some bad habits and never really made or lost money – just spinning my wheels. In my opinion, the value of the information in the Trading Education section of the members area alone far exceeds the subscription cost of the service. Never mind the fact that the first two trading signals I received from you allowed me to pay for this service three times over!

Excellent call Chris,
wow, I caught this puppy at the bottom I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your expertise. By having your timely calls I can control my fear of the market and stick to my trading plan.

Now I can begin to re-build my IRA which was crushed from the 07-09 Bear Market because my ”financial advisor” at one of those big firms either didn’t know what he was doing or didn’t care. So I’ve been struggling since last year to figure out
how to swing trade so I can make money either way.

Yes a great weekend, thanks to you. I made my entire yearly subscription price in one day.


Hi Chris,
I liked your bearish call today. Your sense of the market is very good.I jumped on TZA today after I saw your email about S&P. I made $4156. I sold right before the close because there was a nice negative surge. I made $10,000 in the last 7 days. Thanks for all you do. Your lessons on patience have payed off. I’ve been waiting for a week like this.

Mahalo for your guidance. I must tell you out of all the newsletters I’ve subscribed to the past 3 years you are, by far the very best of breed. You have the most accurate pulse on the market and your trades and the way you go about them are superior. I feel very confident in your advice and philosophy and I appreciate your help.

Chris ….as a new subscriber I just wanted to say that I appreciated the solid low risk recommendations the last week or so and I was able to positively benefit from a couple of them. I personally need to get away from the much higher risk day trades and focus on lower risk swing trade setups both long and short in support of more consistant profits. As part of my own stochastic analytics ….your analysis has provided additional affirmation and validation points for pulling the trigger. I believe your experience and the methodical and careful manner in which you approach each new set up will help minimize the risk of each new trade. Moreover, being able to email you regarding direction and insight ….with the expectation of a prompt response….clearly separates you from most services out there.

Dear Mr. Vermeulen, My name is Luc Larivee. I am one of your clients since October. I just want to thank you for all your e-mails and the way you analyze the charts and markets. You are very generous to inform us with all your updates. I like the way you analyze the charts in a different way that I normally do and I learn a lot from you. It is a mini course every time I read your work. You know your stuff!
Thank you again.

Thanks Chris for your timely recommendations, actual trades, and educational.
Since I have subscribed to your ( service, I have had 11 trades, 8 of which were good winners, only 3 losers, and the losses were minimal due to your email alerts. Again thanks very much.

I have never been able to trade like this before, and I have been trading, (small trader), since around 1985. I am 77+ years old, and the profits are very helpful along with my meager retirement funds. I am trading with confidence for the first time in my life. Your words about the VIX, low risk trades, curbing the need to be in the market too much, and this mornings musings, about jumping in too quick only to see a loss in a few minutes, all have been so helpful. I do not use credit cards, but when it is time to renew, I want to be ready to get back in another year, and looks like maybe I can take advantage of The Technical Trader also.

Again, thanks much,

Chris, Funny how right you were about seeing trading in a new light. I always considered myself quite fearless until I started to trade. I got use to being stopped out. So many of my trades would go against me, filling a lower gap. With this membership, I have really learned to curve my panic reactions. I embrace the dips now and see them as buying opportunities. Nice to be on the winning side for a change. I feel so lucky to have chosen your services.

“Chris, Your service is outstanding….
Now that you are analyzing the broader market (SPX, TNA, TZA, etc)….wow….

Chris, thanks for providing insight-I was watching things in Feb and was in a proftable short position, but I would have missed the day of the reversal if I wasn’t a subscriber and would have gave back about $2,000 in gains if I reacted on my own timing (I have a fulltime job and can’t always watch, so a liberal stop loss would have given back about $2,000 before it was triggered), but I reversed positions on your alert and made an extra $3,200 Getting an email during the trading day saved me quite a bit, making your service well worth it.

“Hi Chris, I have been enjoying your free reports you provide, in my opinion it’s among the best and solid chart analysis I have seen so far and more importantly it’s quality over quantity.

Just some praise here, but you seem pretty amazing at this. First you time the Natural Gas bottom perfectly, and then you time a 1-week 13% gain in TNA fund. Pretty incredible by normal human standards. Thanks for an excellent service.

I want to thank you.  I’ve made money with your signals and I appreciate all the effort you put into helping people make and protect their money.   God bless you and your family(especially the new baby)!

Chris, First, I admire your discipline… great job. Second, your updates are hugely valuable to me when I get ready to jump into higher risk trades. And third, thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions!!!

I like your report the best; short, precise, to the point and accurate. I look forward to receiving them. Thank You very much.

Chris, The analysis you offer, especially the one on Wednesdays and Sundays are, I believe, some of the best available out there.

This last gold trade — which I wouldn’t have made on my own — paid for this subscription several times over.  I trade with you because I’m done getting greedy and not locking profits in – our exits have worked out just as well as the entrances.
I hope we get another dip so we can make more TNA trades too.

Great service, I have learned a lot and am a committed member. I like the brief 1 paragraph summaries you have been giving on a almost daily basis.  It confirms my thoughts.  Keep it up.

You fellows have the best news letters I have ever subscribed to, I especially like the daily updates.

You are a good market commentator. Very technical and no hype. I look forward to taking your new trading course once you have whenever you put them together.