I am the author and one of the traders at Started trading in 1997 and have extensive experience trading stocks, indices, ETFs, CFDs, and Futures. Our next-generation trading style has been thoroughly refined over the years, blending the best of all that has come before with cutting-edge approaches that have only been possible with modern advanced charting and analytical systems. This is the ideal combination of both the old and new school trading techniques, which we built from the ground up, and pack a powerful punch.

It is this blend of the time-tested and innovatively new that allows us to take advantage of short-term rising and falling prices. Regardless of how the market moves each week, we can benefit from it. We have repeatedly observed that one of the biggest keys to making a lot of money in challenging markets involves aiming for big, quick moves while maintaining an extraordinary focus on minimizing risk. This is what distinguishes TheGoldAndOilGuy signals.

Many trading services tout crazy high profits, but they seem to employ models that deliver high-loss realities for their subscribers. Subscribers must see bottom-line results and see them quickly, and this newsletter does both of those. We get glowing praise.

My parent company, Technical Traders Ltd., has thoroughly established a stellar reputation as a provider of lower-risk solutions for investors seeking accurate market research and trade without the stock market roller coaster ride. You’ve probably read, seen, or heard me on many financial websites, podcasts, or TV shows, as I share many of my thoughts publicly. I’m proud of the fact that so many find what I have to offer so valuable. My goals are simple: to provide my subscribers with novice-friendly analysis, my very best cherry-picked trade & outstanding investment analysis.

The market is something I think about every waking hour. I share the fruits of all that labor with subscribers, always striving to deliver value well beyond my subscription fee. There is no other business more intriguing, exciting, or potentially more profitable than being involved in the financial markets.

I believe these trading strategies are as straightforward and simple as they can get. Join us, and I’ll work extraordinarily hard toward helping you grow as a trader while realizing opportunities the build your trading account value on a monthly basis.

Chris Vermeulen
Founder of Technical Traders Ltd.