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Press Release, New World Order Economic Crisis Investing in 2009



WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PROTECT YOURSELF – Crisis Investing in 2009

Book Title: As above

Publisher: Taylor Forensics

Price: $ 24.95

Type of Book: eBook

Crisis Investing in 2009 Webpage and Provided by Chris Vermeulen – TheGoldAndOilGuy:

J.T. Grenough – New World Order Economics – Crisis Investing in 2009

Insert from Introduction:


“There’s no shortcut to any destination worth going.” UNKNOWN

I wrote this book (New World Order Economics – What You Can Do To Protect Yourself) for a major demographic section of the country – investors who are concerned about their future and their holdings. At recent dinners (anniversaries and weddings I’ve attended) with large groups of people, the most talked-about topic is the economy and investments. Everyone is concerned without exception. This book is in-depth and leading edge material and a must-have for anyone with any size of portfolio.

I’ve seen a dearth of material on the market and very few people have a one-stop all-inclusive source of material on international, non-traditional investing that can protect them quite well from the current shock and awe of Wall Street. This book will be a must-have, a necessity – for economic survival as the next seven-nine years of this L-shaped credit bubble goes through stages until we reach the far side.

I thought of the title and just to see if it had been requested (via Google), I entered the first keywords of the title and found to my amazement 18,200,000 people who have entered these exact key words in a search. I’m not talking search results but the number of people who have searched with these words – New World Order Economics. If you enter New World Order Economic you have even a more amazing discovery – 28,700,000 people have searched using that nomenclature. That tells me there is an absolutely gigantic number of people out there who are looking for answers.

This book covers:

Ø Oil & Geopolitics

Ø Gold Shares Around The World

Ø Hard Currencies & International Currency Funds

Ø A Resource Chapter on Gold, Silver, Mining & Energy

Ø Offshore Real Estate Investing – Safe Havens

Ø Hedge and Short Fund Investing Strategies

Ø Gold Funds and Exchange Traded Funds

Ø Creative Non-Paradigm Planning

I have not found any other books that allow the investor to safely re-balance their portfolio from their home office, without leaving there. It is written as an eBook, for ease of search ability (just enter Ctrl F and you can find any search term or topic you want), and for ease of research ability – since investing is a continuous process this book has over seventy key links to major sites you will need from time to time for updates. It also is formatted to allow printing if you wish.

The target audience is American investors. However, the book may appeal to the British and European audience as well. The old axiom of “buy and hold” obviously just doesn’t cut it any more.

I’ve previously published a 90,000 word nonfiction book (copyright now owned by Thomson Reuters) I wrote for ‘scholarly’ purposes and not for royalties, designed for reading by corporate CEOs. I currently hold position at a large privately-held conglomerate dealing with Corporate Risks & Investment Risks in terms of corporate treasury holdings and various other areas. I was previously with First American as a Regional Audit Director under the recently passed Sarbanes Oxley legislation.

I am not an Investment Advisor and thus have no self-interests. I’m a writer and a researcher and that’s what you need right now.

Author: JT Grenough

Publication Date: March 2, 2009

Email contact: TaylorForensics@aol.com

Ordering Procedure: From the web page: Upon receipt of a check or money order for $ 12.95 accompanied by the email address of the individual, we email the PDF eBook the same week. The book is priced reasonably and delivery is in a streamlined format.

Author’s Bio:

JT Grenough has also written a book “Protecting Your Company Against Civil and Criminal Liability” and holds position as Assistant Director of Internal Audit for a privately-held conglomerate. He can be reached at TaylorForensics@aol.com.

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