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Investment Consulting – Stock Chart Analysis

Stock charts analysis is something that most advanced traders and investors know something about but ordinary brokers and financial advisors don’t even look at.

Most individuals use local broker, financial advisor, friend or family member to help with stock investments but generally these people do not use stock chart analysis to see if the stock is in a trend which can provide acceptable returns if they enter the position at the right time.

Over the years I have helped several traders and investors time their entry and exit points for stocks within their portfolio. Not only do I help individuals time their positions but I provide them with a feel for what the market is doing and that allows you to relax and enjoy playing the market. This is a new service which I now call Investment Consulting.

This is a sample of what a basic chart looks like and the opportunities that become visual once stock chart analysis is applied.

Long Term Trend – Stock Chart Analysis

Stock Chart Analysis

Stock Chart Analysis

Short Term Trend – Stock Chart Analysis

Stock Chart Analysis - Investment Consulting Chart

Stock Chart Analysis - Investment Consulting Chart

I will personally review YOUR current portfolio stocks providing Technical Analysis on each stock so YOU know where your investments are headed and tips to maximize your returns.

Benefits of Stock Chart Analysis:
– Find out where your portfolio is headed
– Find out which investments are holding you back
– Know when to take profits or sell
– Reduce YOUR investment stress levels

You get my Full Report sent to YOU by email, including:

* Multiple Time frame charts for each stock
* Detailed Charts with support and resistance zones
* Long and short term Trend directions
* Protective Stops for locking in profit
* Buy,Sell and profit taking zones

Now YOU can get detailed, personalized assistance from one of North America’s leading stock chart analysis investment consultants. This is the PLAN you NEED to SUCCEED!

NOW is YOUR Opportunity to start trading like an advanced trader. Let me help you get started at http://www.thegoldandoilguy.com/investment-consulting-stock-chart-analysis.php

To Your Financial Success,

Chris Vermeulen
The Gold and Oil Guy