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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to mention the exclusive stock trading service David Banister and I launched in July. ActiveTradingPartners.com not only has an incredible track record of extremely high annualized gains on our Alerted Trade positions to Partners, but a very good track record of knowing when to Hold, Add, or Sell those same positions, as well as timely market commentary. Riding a stock or ETF to maximum gains is a difficult challenge, and ATP has successfully achieved this over and over again. Many services brag about how great they are at picking stocks or entering trades, but very few follow through with on-going advisories on those same positions, with sell advice at the right time, or with advice on whether to hold those positions through volatility.

Recently, before the recent market correction, ATP advised our Partners to close out of several of our very profitable positions completely. Below are a few samples:

VICL- Closed at $5.10, it dropped to $3.90 shortly thereafter.

SPPI- Closed at $7.15, it dropped to $6.27

CRXX- Closed at $1.80, it dropped to $1.27

JAZZ- Closed at $8.88, it dropped to $7.38

All of the above positions were recommended at much lower prices, and we trimmed profits at higher prices before closing them out. The last thing you want is to give back all your gains in the market.

Here is what some of our “Partners” in the service are saying recently:

Dave, I have not had the pleasure of talking/ meeting with you but just wanted to say how pleased I have been with the service thus far, Chris has been a good trading friend over the years and I am glad that he told me about this , I have probably made enough to pay for three years already.
Shaun Mahoney

We really appreciate the updates and information you supply on your site and your scorecard especially when the markets begins to worry us. When the market tries to shake us out, you provide a timely article to keep us on track. We are very pleased with the outcome of our trades since joining your service.

Thanks again for your constant support.
R.J and C.J–  Husband and Wife

“Hi Dave,
Just a quick note. Thanks so much for frequent updates and commentary. I have just finished first month as a partner. I have averaged over 15% returns even with losing one ATP pick as it got stopped out. Much of my portfolio was underwater when I joined up. I am turning things around as I am able and looking forward to big gains down the road. Very happy with the service. Thanks!”
Chris Webb, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

“Unbelievable. You guys are great. Keep up the good work and I will get you more subscribers. I am not kidding.”
Thorsten Bredberg

“To date this is the best financial service that I have ever subscribed to!”
Colleen Bowersock

“THANK YOU for the commentary on the various trading opportunities. I have made enough to fund the monthly costs of ATP for the next ten years. People at the office just do not understand why I am always smiling!!! Keep up the good work and I hope you enjoyed your vacation.”
Michael Swanberg

Learn more today at www.ActiveTradingPartners.com while we still have a few “Partner” positions available. The service is exclusive to only 200 subscribers.

Chris Vermeulen