Silver Forecast and Prediction of Silver Stocks

Silver Forecast

Silver Forecast WebsiteSilver forecast shows you the critical line in the sand that silver must hold if the new bull market is to start in the near future. If silver can find support here then I predict silver to rally and break out of its basing pattern in the next 2-3 months.

Silver Forecast & Equities Prediction

In this article I show you how to read and trade using trend lines. Most individuals trade trend lines incorrectly and my example is using the US Dollar index chart which is one of the main points why my silver forecast is bullish.

Silver remains is a downtrend or basing phase at this point, but some big price action is just around the corner. Silver traders and investors should be aware that if silver breaks below its sell support zone it could be in for a world of hurt…

Silver and gold mining stocks are in a similar position but we are seeing bullish divergence when comparing the gold miners bullish percent index to the GDX etf. This is pointing to higher price for silver and gold stocks. Keep in mind that divergence is an early warning indicator and trades should not be traded based upon that alone.

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Chris Vermeulen