New Predicted Trends For SPX, Gold, Oil Nat Gas

This week should be more volatile as we mentioned last week. In fact, equities are all over the place in pre-market up, and now down with strong volume. While money, in general, is still flowing into the risk-on (stocks) be the average investor keeping a steady upward grid higher for stocks, and decline in bonds and gold, our short term analysis indicates that should be coming to an end and potentially this week.

– SP500 showing strong selling volume in pre-market (bearish)
– Bonds and metals trading sharply lower by 1% and 0.50% giving mixed signals for the overall financial market trend
– Natural gas up 2-4% this morning showing big volatility as its likely to start a bottoming process this week.
– Crude oil is up 2.3% bouncing off support but our cycles are pointing to choppy prices this week.

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Chris Vermeulen
Chief Market Strategist