The Long Wave “Winter of Discontent”!

I wrote and exclusive article for CNA Finance today which I want to share with you. It talks about the Kondratiev Wave.

Just like all major long-term/big picture trends and cycle changes, nothing happens quickly. Its very much a process and the market will continue to move in a direction that makes no sense longer than most traders and investors think. Just like those who warned about the 2001 market crash, 2008 financial crisis, real estate crash, and now the 2016 stock market crash… most of these big picture analysts like myself see these things coming well in advance sometimes 6 months – 1 year before they happen.

We warn about these events happening and slowly position ourselves to not only avoid the crashes but to profit from them. But these take time to unfold as these are multiyear cycles and they do not turn on a dime.

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Chris Vermeulen