Horizon X2 Aircraft Investment Idea

As you may or may not know I have a passion for flying planes. As a kid I built and flew dozens of R/C planes. The two most enjoyable aircrafts I flew were the F-15 Fighter Jet, the acrobatic Extra 300, and an amphibious plane called the LazyBee for water take offs and landings.

In fact I became a licensed pilot at the age of 16, before I was legally able to get my drivers license.

Ok, enough about me… let me explain this exciting and rare investment opportunity available through me should you want to get involved and own a stake in the first new viable amphibious six person plane designed in over 60 years.

It caters to the adventurous wealthy upper class to simply explore and have fun, visit the cottage, fish in remote lakes etc… But more importantly it has incredible potential for other commercial missions such as surveillance, medevac, re-supply, and transport.


I have been following this company closely for a few years and have become close friends with the team responsible for designing this aircraft. The plane has blown me away in terms of design, features and benefits it provides both pilots and plane owners, not to mention their dedication and passion that is inspiring and exciting to see.

Long story short, I have invested with them and I asked if I could offer this opportunity to you – they said Yes!

Having raised over $2mil already, they are looking for more investors. This team is always looking to partner with investors who share the passion for aviation and those who think they can help make the company even more of a success. But this is not required to become an investor. Once they are fully funded they will start to build the first prototype to kick start the sales process and generate big returns for us investors.

The minimum investment amount is small and the potential returns, and extra bonuses you receive as an investor/partial owner of the aircraft company is very exciting!

I urge you to take a look at this incredible plane. Be sure to enter your name and email in their “Join The Series A Investment Round” even if you just want to be kept up to speed on their progress.

View Plane & Investment Opportunity: http://www.HorizonAircraft.com/invest-in-horizon

Horizon X2 Airplane

Chris Vermeulen