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Stock market continue its momentum from yesterday but struggled to climb. More weak comments from Fed Chair nominee Janet Yellen suggested that she would likely see QE continue for a while to help the US economy get back up on its feet.

QE liquidity has been one of the main forces driving the stock rally over the past year and today was no exception. The Dow and S&P broke out to new highs while the NASDAQ lagged a bit weighed down by Cisco’s poor earnings numbers. Gold and silver also rebounded today but with falling gold demand, it still has work to do to convince traders this is more than just a dead cat bounce.
Retailer Nordstrom beat expected earnings, which offset Wal-Mart’s disappointment numbers this morning. This news, along with Macy’s and JC Penney’s numbers suggest that high-end retailers are starting to outperform discounters, a sign on increasing consumer spending and an improving economy.
A Canadian magazine I read today shows that 91% of Canadian startup companies are planning to hire more staff in the 2014. That is very encouraging numbers…

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