ETF Trading Newsletter: Ross Clark & Vermeulen Talk Trading

ETF Trading Newsletter CIBC

ETF Trading Newsletter

Ross Clark of CIBC & Technical Analyst of Institutional Advisors Talks Technical Analysis with Chris Vermeulen

My Personal Trading Strategies BookRoss Clark has specialized in technical analysis of the markets since the 1970’s. As a charter member of CompuTrac and then user of TradeStation he has developed trading programs and proprietary indicators. It is his belief that market timing and shifts in asset allocation can add value to investment portfolios.

Ross and Chris talk about technical trading mastery and Vermeulen’s New Book that covers exciting topics like cycle analysis and automated trading systems in a live radio broadcast last week which is now available online.

LISTEN HERE: http://talkdigitalnetwork.com/2014/03/this-week-in-money-129/

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