Nearly a month ago, my trading partner shared some details regarding his stock picking process and explained how this process will assist in achieving far superior returns; well, the proof is being delivered today.  The reason I’m sharing this is to assist all of our followers and clients in understanding that superior stock picking, as well as successful trade execution, will lead to consistent and superior overall results.  Take a look at our recent results.


These four trades are the only trade triggers we provided to members for the entire month of November.  I’ve included the late October trade trigger simply because it extended into early November as a live trade.

TMF we closed at 8.2% down from our entry price. But UGAZ was closed out with over 74% profit in less than 20 days.  The NUGT trade was completed in less than 4 days with an 11% profit and the EDZ trade was completed in about two weeks with nearly 21% profit.

Who says you need to trade every day
when you have results like this!

MRM Momentum Reversal Method

It is not in our nature to try to pick excessive numbers of trade triggers because lets face it, who wants to be chasing 10-15 stocks charts around all day… It’s tough enough with just a few live swing trades open.

We simply want to find the best opportunities we can find that deliver the greatest opportunity for success.  These recent four trades resulted in an astounding 97.5% ROI (profit) in 30 days for those who follow our trades. All they had to do was to follow my exact trade details (entry, stop, target price) and let the broker orders and market do all the rest of the work.

Consider the advantage of having these trade triggers delivered to you as they happen and allowing you to determine the size and scope of your trading actions.  Think about the potential to simplify your trading by including our analysis into your trading routine.  We’ve been doing this for many years for ourselves and sharing what we do with clients. And we believe the results speak volumes in terms of what we continue to deliver.

I invite you to take advantage of my efforts and start profiting with us today.  Follow the triggers for a month if you are skeptical or want to start slowly.  Once you understand how valuable these stock reversals can be to your future, you can set your own trading limitations with regards to how you execute your trades.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season and the best success through the end of this year and in 2017.  Let’s make 2017 a year full of opportunity, happiness, success, and health – together.

Chris Vermeulen & John Winston