Past Trades

Perfect technical reversal setup with strong momentum.

Perfect technical reversal setup with strong momentum.



This was a perfect setup which our proprietary technical trading strategy pin-pointed for us to trade. Instant Winner!


This trade went on to make 112% return on the second half of my position… In fact, we had/have the same setup again this past Dec… 🙂


Short selling this ETF has been simply incredible the past few years. But I worry this no-brainer trade is coming to an end later this year. Volatility should start to be on the rise for 1-2 years, you have been warned…


Small cap stocks are amazing for trading reversals with huge upside moves. The broad equities market must be in favor for these types of stock, and when it is, look out because is 8-30% returns trade after trade if your trading the right sector!


These highly leveraged ETFs on volatile sectors or commodities are nuts, but they sure are fun to trade with small amounts of capital to satisfy the urge for excitement!