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Technical Trading Mastery Book Published

Chris Vermeulen publishes his book with huge success selling thousands of books within the first few days and hits the top 50 trading book on Amazon.

This book, written for both traders and investors, explores the tools and techniques that discretionary and algorithmic traders need to profit in today’s competitive markets.

ETF Trading Strategies Book
Chris Featured on Cover

Chris Featured on Cover

AmalgaTrader Magazine

AmalgaTrader magazine features Chris on the cover and they share his trading philosophy and trading strategies.

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Chris’ Trading Strategy Published

Chris’ Trading Strategy Published

Futures Magazine

Chris’s article is published in Futures Magazine on how to trade ES futures using a new approach.


Interviewed by FSN

Interviewed by FSN

Financial Survival Network

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Chris Vermeulen is always looking to expand his network of fellow traders, investors and content distribution.
So dont be shy, get in touch!

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